Unique dual platform that mixes transport and travel experience

Each the marketing campaign is done on the background of the community transport in the Motorline mobility platform combined with the travel experiences of travellers in the Travelsmile travel platform.

Go anywhere any time

We use vehicles and digital platforms that could convey your marketing information anywhere any time.

Online-to-Offline Integration

Advertising information about your company comes to audience through off-line channels, then, they spread them by online channels. And, vice versa.

Ability to target events and crowds

Advertising information about your company is targeted to events and crowds by Travelsmile travel platforms at the right time, both offline and online.

Mobile Billboard

Expose your brand on the road to thousands of people every day.

Online advertising with Travelsmile travel platform

Create custom experiential "sponsored" campaigns that delight and surprise your target audiences and leverage the huge reach and frequency of crowds around major events and popular destinations.

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Expose your brand to thousands of people everyday


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